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A journey around
tomorrow’s world

What will the world look like in the future? Where will tomorrow’s energy come from? How can we remain healthy in old age? An exhibition clearly communicating current developments – that was what the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ordered. BESL took on the challenge, and designed and realised “Ideen 2020 – ein Rundgang durch die Welt von morgen” (2020 vision – a journey around tomorrow’s world) in collaboration with the Heimholz Association. The innovative exhibition concept provided visitors with very complex knowledge in a fun, interactive way.

/// The Project ///

Become immersed in the world of science with all the senses!

Seven zones, which were designed and developed by artists and designers, were at the heart of the interactive exhibition. They visualised important fields of action for the future, such as the city of tomorrow, the fourth industrial revolution and the future of medicine. Everything could be touched, admired and changed. This enabled visitors to immerse themselves in the complex world of science and to emotionally access complex topics. They could read information on touch-screens and gain a deeper understanding.


practical, good!

From Berlin to Leipzig, or from Moscow to Kazan – Practical elements guaranteed adaptability to different spatial conditions, as well as simple assembly, therefore ensuring an audience-effective exhibition presentation in each venue.

Our aim:
Total success!
After its launch at the Paul Löbe Haus in Berlin, the exhibition toured Germany for two years. It visited 27 cities, and attracted over 40,000 visitors. It then embarked on a tour of Russia.

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