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200 years of hydrology in Germany: To mark this anniversary, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) took the opportunity to highlight the importance of hydrology to public services in our society – including the associated administrative, organisational and scientific services.

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For this purpose, an international symposium entitled “Panta Rhei – Hydrologie für eine sich verändernde Welt” (Panta Rhei – Hydrology for a Changing World”) took place in the Federal Press Office in Berlin. The participants were experts from Germany and abroad, guests from the fields of hydrology and water management, and representatives from the Federal and State governments.


A comprehensive exhibition complemented the symposium. Historical exhibits from the hydrometric industry, as well as poster presentations about hydrological measures for organisations and associations, were on display.

The finale was an evening event, which took place in the Erich Klausener Room at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Food and drink was served up with fine helpings of interesting discussion and lively dialogue.

BESL was responsible for designing and organising the symposium, the exhibition and the evening event. BESL also developed the corresponding corporate design. Displays, interactive elements and presentations ensured an experimental experience, and the integration of the Topic.

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