The BESL Participants Management
Individual, efficient, scalable

/// Participants Management ///

BESL guarantees professional, smooth and modern participation – before, during and after the event! From the planning phase and the detailed consultation, to correspondence with the participants and speakers, to the accreditation and the event controlling.

/// Welcome Manager ///

The core of the project is the BESL Welcome Manager – an online tool which combines all the organisational phases in one software package. No matter how big the event, the number of participants or the target group – due to its modular structure, the BESL Welcome Manager can be used individually and guarantees both customised and simple control of the relevant event management processes.

/// Advantages ///

simple solution, maximum success
full access to all relevant data
individually adaptable to any event
several years of event management experience
professional inlet system, without long waiting
online payment system with real-time checks

Invitation management – personalised e-mails and post

/// Contact ///